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NB EHR ODR Neuroblastoma Electronic Health Records Open Data Repository

Neuroblastoma is a rare pedriatic cancer that affects thousands of children worldwide every year, and information stored in the electronic health records can be an useful source of data for scientific research studies about this disease.
Several open datasets of electronic health records of anonymized patients diagnosed with neuroblastoma are available in the internet, but they were released on different websites and/or as supplementary information of peer-reviewed scientific publications, making them difficult to find. We therefore decided to create this Neuroblastoma Electronic Health Records Open Data Repository, a public free website containing open EHRs neuroblastoma datasets released online under open licenses such as the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license.
Having all these datasets in one place can bring several advantages to the scientific community: researchers and users, in fact, can take advantage of the listed datasets to carry on any scientific analyses they want. For example, they can apply computational statistics and machine learning methods to infer new knowledge about neuroblastoma.

This data repository supports the FAIR principles for open data. and was inspired by the University of California Irvine Machine Learning Repository and by Gene Expression Omnibus.


2022-10-04: Our scientific survey on the five datasets of our data repository was published in the Data Science Journal.
2021-11-07: The Neuroblastoma Electronic Health Records Open Data Repository is online.

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